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Jerky Business Opportunity

Beef Jerky Business Opportunity

Jerky Business: Open Your Own Jerky Business ...enthusiastic Beef Jerky distributors wanted.

Retail Store Accounts Wanted

  • We sell our jerky wholesale direct to retailers in geographic areas without distributors. 
  • We welcome small and chain accounts by the case and by the pallet.

" Many jerky companies private label their original recipes of beef jerky many times over.  We DO NOT; yielding a unique, original product with greater sell through potential and that translates into greater sales and profits for our distributors and retailers."

Jeff's Famous Jerky is proudly sold worldwide from our website and through retail distribution throughout the United States.

Classy Lighting for Evening Event Vending in Northern California

“Our store carries many brands of jerky including Jack Links, Matador, Oh Boy! Oberto, Tilamook and more … Jeff’s Famous Jerky OUTSELLS them all!”
     -Tad, US Market Store Owner, Oregon

Why Sell Gourmet Beef Jerky?

Gourmet Jerky is one of the fastest growing snack items in the foodservice snack industry. 
Why wait?  Start your business now!

  • The repeat business of the industry generates growing revenues and profits
  • Low fat, high protein snacks offer a healthy snack alternative for people of all ages.
  • 25% of all USA households purchase beef snacks on a regular basis.
  • Beef Jerky has a growing segment of women and children consumers that should help continue to sustain many years of positive growth.
  • Products that promote natural and healthy attributes have growing interest with no end in sight.
  • On a nationwide basis, very few retail locations specialize in beef jerky and so a lack of industry competition can often yield high sales volumes.
  • None of the major beef jerky manufacturing companies produce a true premium quality product and most use primarily foreign beef that is kept shelf stable with chemical preservatives such as sodium nitrate and MSG.
  • Much of the beef jerky that is produced for sale consists of highly-processed, chopped and formed meat, rather than using sliced, whole muscle meat that yields a higher quality product.
  • Most commercial beef jerky is tough and hard to chew.

Benefits of Selling Jeff’s Famous Beef Jerky

  • A true gourmet quality product; all our beef jerky is made using choice cuts of premium, real steak and real gourmet ingredients, yielding quality product rarely available
  • Our jerky is soft and tender and easy to chew,
  • We use only 100% American beef, always using freshly sliced, lean, whole-muscle meat.
  • An expanding variety of contemporary, fusion flavor offerings in contemporary packaging.
  • No chemical preservatives… no nitrates or added MSG, and our products still have a long shelf life, up to a year from the date of manufacture.
  • All our recipes our 100% original; all marinades and spice mixes used for marinades are original, made from scratch.
  • Our jerky is slow marinated and slow cooked in a fusion of gourmet intense and bold flavors.  Many companies “quick marinade and quick cook” their jerky and this sacrifices quality and flavor.  We only do it the old fashioned way!
  • Manufactured in a state of the art USDA approved facility with expert experience in production and quality control with high-volume capacity.
  • One-A-Kind Unique Jerky:  Most jerky brands private label their beef jerky recipes many times over.  WE DO NOT.
  • Fresher product: We are in production and ship to distributors every week.
  • Competitive wholesale pricing = higher sales and profits for our distributors.
  • Support and Experience: Corporate staff has more than 30 years of professional experience in business development, marketing, operations and sales building.
  • Outstanding Personalized Service.

"I Picked up two new stops today that may turn into five stops. Its so easy to sell a product that is as awesome as yours!  It truly sells itself. "

    -B. Smith, Retail Store Distributor
      October, 2012


We will credit your purchase (less shipping/hanlding) on your first wholesale order.

MAKE SURE You also fill out the Distributor Interest Form that Follows.

Five Flavor Distributor Sample Pack

Try five of our most popular gourmet beef jerky flavors ... Sweet Teriyaki, Old Fashioned Original, Black Pepper and Sea Salt, Jalapeno Carne Asada, Cranberry Jalapeno.  Each individual bag is 3 oz. 

OR TRY A BEEF & BACON COMBO PACK: Three Beef Jerky Flavors and Two Real Bacon Jerky Flavors Sample Pack.

Gourmet Jerky: Jalapeno Carne Asada

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Jerky... Black Pepper & Sea Salt


(Five) 3 oz. Bags

Special Distributor
Sample Pricing


Plus Shipping, Handling

Beef Jerky
& Bacon Jerky


(THREE) 3 oz. Bags
Sweet Teriyaki
Black Pepper & Sea Salt

(TWO) 2 oz. Bags
Maple Brown Sugar
Sweet Lemon Pepper

Special Distributor
Sample Pricing


Plus Shipping, Handling


Please Complete our Beef Jerky Distributor Survey and a Representative will Contact You within One Business Day.

Experienced Distributors with Active Accounts Wanted.
Enthusiastic New distributors Wanted Too... Part Time or Full Time!

Most new distributors need minimums of about $2500 in operating capital to begin building a small jerky distribution business.  All wholesale orders require payment by credit card at the time of order and ship from Southern California the same or next business day.  Distributor minimum orders are 120 (3 oz.) bags.  Wholesale price is based upon shipping cost, quantity and frequency of regular orders.  Pallet orders generally require a 2 week notice.

First and Last Name
Company Name
Area Code and Phone Number
Email Address
Preferred Contact Method
Years in Business
Number of Employees
Number of Active Accounts
Geographic Territory Covered
Most Important Criteria for Products Carried
Types of Accounts Serviced
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Have Already Tried It
Not Necessary

Jerky stores can come in all sizes: Big Bear Lake, California.

"Forget tough, processed beef jerky - Jeff's Famous Jerky is tender and tasty
and worth seeking out."
     -Larry Olmstead, Lifestyle Writer for

Jalapeno Carne Asada Beef Jerky

Sell Jeff's Famous Jerky at Your Retail Store

Complete the Form Below.  If we have a distributor in your area, we will have them contact you... otherwise we would be happy to send you information by email and or call you to set up an account. Most inquiries are answered within one business day.

Payment by credit card is required when you place your wholesale order and all orders ship from Southern California the same or next business day.  Wholesale price is based upon minimum orders, frequency of orders and shipping cost.

First and Last Name
Company Name
Shipping Address
Area Code and Phone Number
Email Address
Preferred Contact Method
Years in Business
Most Important Criteria for Products Carried
Have You Ordered or Tried Our Jerky?Just Placed an Order
Will Order Now
Have Already Tried It
Not Necessary
How Many Brands of Jerky Do You Carry Now?

Jeff's Famous Wholesale Jerky Distributors

  • Professional Coaching and Support
  • Free Display Signs
  • Sales Sheets with Your Contact Info
  • Fast, Easy Order Process
  • Easy Start Up
  • Low Minimum Orders
  • Outstanding Service
  • Optimum Success Training Guide
  • Professional Business Cards
  • Professional Full Color Banners
  • Displays that Sell More Product
  • Drop-Ship Your High Volume Accounts
  • Jeff's Famous Polo and Dress Shirts

“The meat snack industry has seen unprecedented growth over the past decade. With beef jerky leading the way, the industry has seen double-digit growth in eight of the last 10 years.” 

-Convenience Store Decisions, November 2012



Obvious whose jerky is the most popular at this Circle K!

Another Circle K, front counter dominance... with pride!


Sales Potential for Real Bacon Jerky:  Bacon jerky is fairly new in the marketplace so there is a huge potential for sales.  In addition, since the idea of the product is so popular and the fact that many retailers do not carry a bacon jerky product; this can open many doors for not only carrying the full Real Bacon Jerky line of flavors, but also provide an easy opening to sell retailers the full line of Jeff’s Famous Beef Jerky flavors too.  Anyone who know retail sales will tell you that any big display of a single branded product like Jeff’s Famous has a greater opportunity toward driving impulse sales by the consumer. 

Jeff's Famous Beef Jerky featured in 7-11

Front and center at 7-11 in San Diego

Thunderboat Races in San Diego.

San Diego Distributor, Larry ...having jerky fun!

                             Beef Jerky International Shipping for Personal Consumption

We can send Jeff’s Famous Jerky almost anywhere however there are a few countries that do not allow delivery of beef jerky from the United States. Most countries do allow USDA inspected jerky to be delivered, but there is some risk involved for international export; it often depends upon the discretion of the customs officer, so order at your own risk.  International packages are not returned to us.  We cannot be responsible for a package that is refused by customs.  We have international customers who order frequently, and only occasionally have an issue with one delivery; just know there is risk involved with any international order.  Expect that international jerky shipping does cost more than shipping in the United States and generally can take 2-4 weeks to arrive.

  • The United Kingdom is sometimes enforcing a new European Union law. Your package could be refused entry, so order at your own risk.
  • These countries presently do not allow any entry of beef jerky from the USA; Germany, Japan, Finland, Australia and New Zealand.

We use only 100% American Hormone-Free USDA Certified and Inspected Premium Beef.

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